It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing of longtime Archie Comics artist Stan Goldberg. We send our deepest condolences to the Goldberg family, their friends and Stan’s fans. 

A fixture of Archie Comics for over 40 years, Stan’s work at Archie included lengthy stints on titles like Archie, Life with Archie, Betty and Me, Laugh, Pep Comics, Sabrina and the Archie newspaper strip, to name but a few.

"Stan was a pro, and he really helped define these characters while he was here, from his earliest work to the hit Archie Wedding story five years ago," said Archie Comics Editor-in-Chief, Victor Gorelick, who has worked at the company for over 56 years and edited Stan’s best-known work. "He was one of our go-to guy for decades. That’s nearly unheard of in comics, and Stan made it look easy. He will be missed by the entire comic book industry."

Stan was also known for his work during the early days of Marvel Comics and DC Comics. He was awarded the Inkpot Award in 1994 for his work at Archie.